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What Kind of Life Do You Want to Have in 2014?

What Kind of Life Do You Want to Have in 2014?

 Welcome to my brand new blog! I am going to share my favorite tips that I have learned by attending conferences, masterminds and reading great books. One of the things I like to do is teach, train and motivate; this is a way to share this information with you!

What can you expect? Twice a month, you are going to receive a video that you can share with your friends and allow them to opt in. This video is for my fellow real estate agents, business owners, salespeople and someone who is looking to achieve some exciting goals in 2014. Be sure to watch for my videos; they will be short, quick and will contain tips that you can use immediately!

The first tip I would like to share that we have personally used at Treu Real Estate is our Prophecy Letter. This is a letter that you will write to your future self. For example, imagine that it is December 31st, 2014. You wake up excited about the amazing year you just had and your letter would be written as if all your goals and dreams have been attained. My Prophecy Letter includes places I want to travel to and major goals I want to attain. I use many adjectives and descriptive words so that it creates a passion for these goals.

Be sure to have fun! After this letter is written, make a copy and then take the original and put it away. What I have found about doing this year after year, I have achieved my goals for the year and sometimes even more! Make sure you dream big, imagine and create the life you deserve in 2014. I can’t wait to hear about your success!

Please be sure to share these videos; I hope you enjoyed them! If you have any topic suggestions, please be sure to email me. Thanks again and see you in two weeks!