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Today’s topic is one of my absolute favorites; you may or may not have heard about the DISC assessment. If you’re listening or reading this, you should take it! This will give you the opportunity to find out what you love to do and what energizes you. This is not about skill or performing a task; it’s about knowing whether you will love, thrive and do something at a high energy for a long period of time. How can you use the DISC assessment in your professional and personal life?

The DISC assessment is compiled of four personality traits with the first being “D.” This stands for dominance. A dominant person has an “I can do it” attitude, they say it like it is and are very blunt. However, they get things done!
The second letter in the DISC assessment is “I,” which stands for influence. This is the type of person that gets people to buy into a vision, follow them and is most likely the life of the party (or the party may not even start until they arrive). They are really a great person to have in your professional and personal life.

The third letter, “S,” is something we all need in our life. The “steadiness” personality type is our supporters and the people working behind the scenes. These people make sure that you get through things together but need to come from a place of understanding.

Our final letter in the DISC assessment, “C,” stands for compliance and tend to be more analytical. The compliant personality trait ensures that tasks are properly taken care of, they are thorough and accurate.

We need all four of these groups in our life and we all have these forces, but it is a matter of to what degree. What controls our actions, attitudes and beliefs? Does it really matter what you are? Honestly, no; the goal is to understand the assessment and learning how to adapt accordingly to friends, family and clients. If you are working with a client who is a “C,” you would need to be more prepared than normal and the same goes for a client who is a “D;” get to the point! 

Knowing your clients and picking up on who they are upon first meeting is essential. How do you this? Well, your “D” and “I” clients are going to be fast moving, typically won’t need to think things over and will have most likely have made a decision before your conversation is over. Don’t apply this to your “S” and “C” clients! They require more time and if you push them too hard, they will retreat. Allow them to absorb the information and even supply them with information ahead of time. Your “I” and “S” clients are all about relationships and care about who’s involved! “D” and “C” clients want everything done and done quickly!
If you haven’t taken this assessment, take it immediately! Play the game and get to know somebody. You want to create the most comfortable environment for your client which in turn will generate more business! If you need help, I’m just a phone call away. Thanks and have a great day!