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Palm Beach Marketing Careers- The Treu Group is Hiring an Experienced Marketing Professional

Dear Marketer,

Do you LOVE marketing? 
Do you want a better CAREER?
Want to help us BUILD a company?

If you’re a veteran marketing professional looking for something more rewarding, or you’re a novice who’s eager to learn, we want to talk with you.

Would you like to be our Chief Marketing Officer?

Let me tell you a little about our firm and the position and let’s see if it’s a fit for you.

My name is Lisa Treu, CEO of Treu Group Real Estate, where we help buyers and sellers achieve their goals in real estate.

In short, we assist sellers obtain top dollar for their home and buyers purchase their first home or dream home.

We have a highly productive team of employees and agents that are committed to our core values.

Your #1 objective is to market our listings and the brand.

How will you do this, you may ask? You’ll have two goals.

Goal #1: generate a return off of our current database.

Goal #2: Create and implement ways to generate new business

We are an innovate team that loves technology and creating new ways of doing things.

Here’s the support, coaching, and training you’ll get:

First, you’ll work directly with me personally every day as we work together to build this lead generation machine. You’ll get my full and undivided attention, not to mention lifelong friendship, as we make this happen together.

Second, you’ll be exposed to some if the most brilliant minds in real estate marketing nationally.

Third, you’ll enjoy satisfaction of owning the role. This is not for someone looking for a job but an opportunity. Work is something we do here at Treu Group Real Estate, not a place you “go”.

If you are a driven, dominant personality-type motivated by financial independence and influence who has a thirst for knowledge with a passion to take a key and active role in building a company – we want you.

Here’s what your typical day would be like as CMO.

You’ll arrive to work at our office at 8 am. You will be excited to see your work family.

You’ll start your morning with a morning 15min meeting with your marketing team or the sales team. You share your goals for the day, and so does everyone else.

This is after, of course, you brew a fresh cup of coffee.

Then you will get to work creating and implementing YOUR plan for market domination.


It’s lunchtime, we often eat together and enjoy laughing together and maybe discuss strategies.

You share your ideas – and come up with something brilliant, so we send an email to the whole team with your ideas to discuss at the next meeting.

Back at the office, now you have a quick check-in with your marketing team. And then more creating, dreaming and market domination.

You will have many ways to measure success both short term and long term.

You will love the variety of ways we market and also the creative freedom you will have. We use and love social media, radio, video and more.

How much money can you expect to earn?

This is negotiable, but you’ll get a small base to pay for your living expenses plus a bonus.

How can I learn more?

Send me an email to I do not need to see your resume. Simply tell me why you feel you are a great fit for this position and what you’re going to do hit our goals of market domination.

Treu Group Real Estate will be your professional life for the next 5-7 years, ideally forever.

And you'll need to hire and build a powerful marketing team under you to duplicate and scale your efforts.

I’ll respond within 2 business days for a brief phone call so we can visit

If we think you’re a fit, we’ll get together for a meeting to talk in length.

Look forward to meeting you.

Lisa Treu

Email me if you're interested in the position.